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Atlas accepts any data feed required to automate the settlement & analysis process, such as SMSC log files, SMS Gateway feeds, automated or manual shortcode provisioning records and even excel spreadsheets. Most importantly ‘Atlas’ rapidly automates partner settlement, providing transparency across your partner ecosystems.

Partner Settlement & Analysis

Calculating monthly revenue out-payments for Premium SMS content and Direct Carrier Billing to partners can be a mundane task and one that is often done manually from various Excel-based spreadsheets. We are experts in assessing your needs to automate the process, allowing you the much needed time to focus on business goals and driving revenue. Adding customer data to the analysis module also allows you to view customer insights to assist with developing marketing programs to increase usage, acquisition, and retention.

SMSC/RCS Analysis

Ryder Systems specialises in the analysis of RCS and SMS data from leading SMSC switch manufacturers, such as Mavenir Systems and Xura Inc, for telecom companies, aggregators and content partners. As experts in the analysis of SMS traffic records we can provide reporting services to help you understand your customers and their usage. SMSC Analytics provides insights into:

  • Network statistics across multiple messaging platforms
  • Trends for managing network performance and load-sharing
  • Message success rates compared to other SMSC events
  • Average success rates of users v failed messages
  • Average message retries & delivery times from SMSC acceptance
  • Origination and Destination Country analysis
  • Message delivery failure reasons

Revenue Assurance

Ensuring mobile content and messages are billed correctly to all partners and customers in the value chain can be difficult. Often, the systems and processes used to deliver content and messages are different from the systems that charge the customer or pay the partners.

We provide Revenue Assurance services & have mediation interfaces for SMSC’s switches identifying messaging leakage. Even a revenue leakage of 2-3% can be very significant in terms of cost to telecom operators.

Fraud Detection

Detecting and monitoring SMS fraud on a carrier network requires a deep understanding of how mobile networks operate, and the various interconnecting carrier involvement. Fraud or SPAM can easily go undetected on a network, and if discovered too late can prove to be very costly. Ryder Systems are experts in the analysis and mining of SMS/RCS data, and can provide monitoring and reporting solutions to help eliminate fraudulent activity.

Customer Insights

Combine the analysis of your mobile messaging data with your business data to help understand your customer base, including locations, age groups, power users & content usage. Ryder Systems provides Data Warehousing capabilities which are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis using the latest Business Intelligence (BI) software. Secure web-based access to dashboard screens allows you to see what’s happening in real-time.

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