Ryder Systems UK Re-launch Offer

Paul Haworth (Founder & Owner)

Founded in 1988 and previously based in Blackburn, I sold the business in 2006 but retained the name, after all "Ryder" is my middle name. After the sale, Ryder continued to trade in Australia in a non-competing way providing cloud based data analytics for industry sectors including insurance, pension and travel companies.

My first employee Steven Bradshaw, and myself, have re-joined forces and are relaunching Ryder Systems UK providing our cloud based data analytics and reporting service. If you had dealings with Ryder before the I trust you found us to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Our values haven't changed so I hope you will consider us again.

When I first started in business I worked for nothing for nearly a year to encourage our clients to permit us access to their data to develop our product ideas. It paid off, so in the absence of costly marketing and sales machine we came up with an offer :- If you have some data to analyse and know your requirements, until December 2017 we can offer thirty days work free of charge to try and get our first EMEA project off the ground. It can be anything you like :-

  • A spreadsheet system thats become too cumbersome
  • A product idea in your sector with resale opportunities
  • An internal requirement that needs a proof of concept